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what is simpleCE?

simpleCE is a simple Content-Management System with front-end editor mode. That means, you can directly edit its contents, files and images in the view in which you would see your website as a normal user. There is also no complex back-end, no complicated settings or other hindrances. The system has been so designed that one need not familiarize oneself with a complex template or theme system, because there are none. Templates can be designed individually through separate PHP Includes.

awesome features

frontend editing

You can edit all content elements directly in the frontend of your website.

fast & easy integration

The Installation and integration process for small sites needs less then 15 minutes.

for every use case

It's perfect for: small and middle sized websites, landingpages, Facebook Fanpages, etc.

custom branding

simpleCE is white label software, you can change every logo and copyright note.

  • quick and easy frontend editing
  • fast and easy integration in mostly every static website
  • custom branding for frontend and backend
  • WYSIWYG Editor for text elements
  • image and file upload
  • automatic Lightbox integration
  • quick installation in less than 5 minutes
  • generator for content elements (for developers)
  • easy user and rights management
  • backup and optimization functions
  • cache system for a faster page load time
  • webspace file browser and editor

simpleCE is for all devices and websites

simpleCE is optimized for all major browsers and devices, you can integrate it in almost every website or web app and
you can also edit your website from almost every device like desktop computers, notebooks, netbooks and tablets!

screenshots & demo video

simpleCE Login
Content Overview
Images Overview
Webspace File Browser and Editor
Backup & Optimization
User Management
Frontend-Editor for Loops

frequently asked questions

System Requirements:
- PHP-Version 5.4
- Image manipulation library like GD2 or Imagick
- A MySQL 5 (or greater) Database is required
- PHP cURL (only for the auto update function needed)
- PHP ZZIPlib (only for the auto update and backup function needed)
- Apache 2 with mod_rewrite

In which languages is simpleCE available?
simpleCE is available in english and german, but it is also possible to add custom translations. You can find the language files in /simplece/application/language/ and the language setting in your config.php after the installation.

How can I create a Backup of my data and files?
You can find all functions for a Backup in the menu "Backup & Optimization". simpleCE will create two files with each backup, the first one with the suffix "db" is a backup of your database, the second one with the suffix "uploads" is a backup of your media files that was stored in the uploads folder.

The database backup contains a PhpMyAdmin compatible .sql file.

How can I update my installation of simpleCE?
You can use the quick and simple way over the auto update function. The updater is stored under "Settings > System and Updates".

If your Server configuration does not match to the auto updater requirements you can also do a manual update. Overwrite all files in the simplece folder, but exclude the config.php and the uploads and backups folder!

Before you run an update it is really recommended to create a backup of all files via your preferred FTP-Client.

How can I change the name of the simplece folder?
1. change the name of the folder before the installation
2. open frontend.php and change the constant sce_folder with your new folder name

In some cases it's possible that this file will be overwritten by an update and you need to set this setting again!

How can I use simpleCE with GoDaddy Hosting?
If you have problems with GoDaddy and see the error message "no input file specified". Please follow these steps, and change the .htaccess on the root level of simpleCE and the config.php in simplece/application/config/config.php.

GoDaddy Installation Tips:

It's also required to install simpleCE manually, for a manual installation please use this database structure and example config file: Download files for manual installation!